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Baby Face (1977)

" extraordinary gender reversal saga. From seducing various of her teachers, a horny schoolgirl comes down to the river to get laid with a dockhand she meets there. When, accompanied by her mother, the police discover them, the dockworker flees. Running from the cops, he falls into the water, where, having been knocked unconscious and carried downstream, he's rescued by some beautiful women. To hide from the girl's vengeful mom he has to work in the women's male brothel, catering to rich, successful women: a stockbroker, a dress designer, a racing car driver... The mother, herself a client at the place, traces him there, however. There's a gang-bang scene, when the racing driver, triumphant and celebrating after her latest victory, demands an orgy from the owners, that's extraordinary. Things climax with some incredible S&M hugger-mugger, including the immobilization of our hero in saran wrap, all except his genitals. To escape castration at the mother's hands, he has to hop around the brothel, privates flapping, as the place is raided by the police. Baby Face won its director, Alex de Renzy, an award for best direction of an erotic film that year. I found it one of the most interesting--and funniest--films of its decade, whether porn or legit."

- Times Square Red, Times Square Blue by Samuel Delaney


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